10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger Without Changing the Footprint

If you’re looking to gain space without taking the sledgehammer to your walls, here are 10 tricks to try


  1. Replace your vanity with floating or furniture vanities. “Any time you can get furniture up off the floor, it helps,” LeMarr says. In the case of a bathroom, lifting a vanity off the floor allows light and air to flow under and around the vanity. It creates a greater sense of space.
  2. Add multiple mirrors. Mirrors trick the eye into perceiving more space by reflecting the view and light. Backlighting your vanity mirror can also help. Even using high-gloss paint can create a similar reflective effect.
  1. Take full advantage of under-sink storage. Clutter makes a room feel smaller, whereas tidy surfaces add a feeling of space. For an extra clever storage trick, try a sink base multi-storage shelf, which is a little flexible shelf that can move anywhere in the cabinet and is great for keeping toiletries hidden.
  1. For items like pull-out trays, think beyond typical bathroom cabinets and storage options. Look at kitchen cabinetry and the types of pull-out storage they offer. You may be able to easily (and rather inexpensively) customize for your needs. “Get creative with your use of cabinetry,” LeMarr says.
  1. Choose a light and fresh color palette. Light colors, like white, reflect light better. Using monochromatic finishes can enlarge a tiny room by carrying one space into another help, LeMarr says. “You can also create a continuous flow of space by extending your backsplash tile into the shower area.”
  1. Try turning tile on diagonal. It’s an easy way to trick the eye and create depth because it makes a floor look longer and a wall look taller. An added bonus is that it will hide imperfections.
  1. Add texture by using breezy and natural-looking fabrics. “In a tight space, less is more,” LeMarr advises. Overly busy wallpaper, shower curtains, or rugs create a feeling of clutter. Any time you can tie color and texture together, it unifies the space and creates depth, LeMarr says.
  1. If you have a window, take advantage of natural light. If your window is high enough or private enough, consider not using curtains or blinds. “If you can make use of the view outside, do it, because it can extend the feel of your walls,” LeMarr says.
  1. Emphasize the vertical. “Using vertical shiplap, tile, or a large-scale wallcovering will draw your eye up, elongating the wall and essentially making the ceiling seem higher,” LeMarr says.
  1. If you are replacing the tub and installing a shower instead, opt for a glass shower door, or try building a partial wall in the shower. It can make a huge difference in how the bathroom feels.


If you are visiting a Lowe’s store for bathroom design inspiration, make sure to connect with a Kitchen Cabinet Specialist for more creative ideas from Shenandoah.