Author: Andrew Zoellner

Why Shenandoah is the Right Choice for Pros

If you haven’t considered ordering cabinets for your next project alongside all of your other materials at the pro desk, now’s the time. Shenandoah Pro gives you the right product, pricing, and support to make sure your business gets what it needs and that your customers are happy, too. Great Product The Shenandoah Program has… Read more »

Tips for Designing an Ergonomically Friendly Home Office

Breckenridge Cherry Java

Follow these best practices to create a functional, comfortable home office space with Shenandoah cabinets.

Create a Furniture-Style Look with Kitchen Cabinets

  A Custom Look is Within Reach When it comes to kitchen cabinets, most of us crave a custom design, something unique to just our home. With the right cabinet components and a little creativity, you can customize any kitchen with furniture-style details. The simple addition of adding items such as, furniture feet or legs,… Read more »